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Welcome to your healthy happy fulfilled life 

Karl had been a student and teacher of Eastern healing systems for decades. One day he had a massive heart attack and ended up in the ICU. His doctors consulted him to get prepared for a life of medication and limitation.


While in the hospital recovering, he made a decision. He knew this diagnosis wasn’t what he wanted for his life and from all of his training of Eastern holistic methods he knew he had a choice. In his semiconscious state in the ICU he made his decision, “I’ll restore my heart to health.” Within weeks, his X-rays showed no remnants of scar tissue at all. His doctors were shocked but he wasn’t.


He made his decision and that set him on a clear path where every subsequent decision was made for him already because he knew what he wanted and didn’t stop until he got it.


The First Step


Your cells love emotional security and reliability. They wake up each morning to the same goal: your health and well-being. This is called Homeostasis. So when you choose in every minute and even hourly, to seek health you are aligning with your body’s prime directive. The basis for normality in the body is continually returning to a sense of well-being and love. So when you make the decision to return to love over and over it becomes a beautiful habit that guides your life and the myriad decisions you make every day.


Once you get into alignment with your body, whether it’s sick or not, you are supporting your body’s natural drive for well-being.


Sometimes, when we’re very sick we feel too weak to make the decision; or we feel our decision is feeble and unworthy; or maybe we know that today we’re making the decision but tomorrow we’re going to feel differently, we’re not consistent. All of these feelings are ok to have. We can feel weak and still decide to choose health. We can feel indecisive and still decide to become healthy. We can feel unsure about tomorrow and still choose health today. We can decide again and again and again to make health our goal. It’s doesn’t matter how many times we choose health, because each time we choose, we are choosing ourselves.


Be the decision that changes your life. Choose yourself.







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