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Waterskiing Imagination To Cure Meniscus Pain from a group member.

In my daily journey through my body, I use a gold ball or a golden brush to cleanse all my physical challenges until the painful spots become soothed and sparkle. With my thyroid, I fly to the sea and wash and rock her in the waves.

One day, during my body-scan, on the way to the sea, my knee started to experience pain. My meniscus had been operated on twice before, so this was no surprise, but I did not want to interrupt my journey. So I took my meniscus out and washed it in the ocean. At the same time I came up with the idea to waterski with the meniscus. In seconds, my knee pain was resolved and did not come back again.

In the meantime, I have modernized the gold ball. It now has two openings, a brush on one side, and on the other side, a mouth which constantly cleanses the organs. This week another arm came out of the ball caressing the organs like a small caring baby.

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