Discover How Easily You too Can Live Your Life with Optimal Health, Purpose and Well-Being

We’ve created these simple and easy to understand courses and CDs to transform your life.

Get ready to discover, awaken and strengthen your own healing powers – for your body, mind and spirit.


Self-Healing: Nine Steps Into the Wealth of Health

twelve-week online training course (available in English and German)

Imagine being able to heal yourself from any sickness you may have.

How would you feel?

Blissful? Grateful? Powerful?

Now you can with this unique nine-week online course that gives you more health, happiness and fulfilment in your life.

This course uses nine easy-to-follow steps of the Self-Healing by Embody-Mental Imagination (SHEMI) process to discover, awaken and strengthen your healing powers, so that you can choose to create a healthy and happy life.

What is SHEMI? It’s a transformational approach to self-healing. It’s a mindset of self-healing that includes daily healing rituals. It’s a transformational approach… a journey.

The SHEMI process creates conditions for healing by:

  1. uplifting the spirit
  2. giving a tool box of healing routines to integrate into daily life
  3. giving a tool box to heal transformative challenges
  4. understanding the language of the body and the symptoms
  5. guiding the body into relaxation and flow
  6. creating a healing energy
  7. finding a way to release tensions and emotions
  8. reconnecting to our inner soul
  9. connecting to the powers that surround us
  10. getting rid of unconscious limiting beliefs
  11. using the power of visions
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The SHEMI process will inspire you to reconnect and develop your nature powers of self-healing.

Learn to relax and tap into your own self-healing ability. Learn to guide your energy. Learn to transform your life.

This course can also be booked as a live seminar.

SHEMI Trainer Certification Course

One year online training course with live seminars and coaching (in English and German)

If you are a doctor, psychologist, health coach, chiropractor, Ayurveda doctor, physiotherapist, psychoanalyst, behaviour therapist, psychodrama therapist, nutritionist, Yoga teacher, Tai Chi or Reiki teachers, personal development or relationship coach, in fact any health and wellness professional, then this certification course could be for you. In fact, this is for you if you are dedicated to the field of self-healing and personal transformation.

Imagine learning the values of self-healing, so you can teach, interact and transform groups.  This certification course gives you the history of self-healing from early man, China, India, Australia, the American Indians and the Ancient Greek.

This course is for you if you want to learn a structured approach to teach self-healing groups. To give them clarity, framework and a proven method to get results. You can apply SHEMI on a one-to-one basis, but you will learn to work with groups thus having more impact,

You can integrate your own knowledge with the transformational creativity of self-healing to give more value and care to your patients, and bring them more positive results. This will give you the freedom to have more flow and creativity, more fulfillment and increase your income.

You will be among the first certified SHEMI trainers. You will get a business in a box including coaching to build up your practice and best of all you will be part of a SHEMI trainer community that will continuously evolve and enrich and further develop the SHEMI System.

The SHEMI trainer certification is on application only. Apply to find out whether the SHEMIi trainer certification is the right fit for you and your practice.

Healthy Happy Heart – Take The Health Of Your Heart Back Into Your Own Hands (German)

If you are worried about cardiac arrhythmias, heart problems, circulatory problems or your stress levels, then this course is for you.

The Healthy Happy Heart is a 12 part weekly webinars currently taught in German.

In this course you will discover what it means to have a healthy heart. You will learn about the mysterious development, the powerful vitality and its all-powerful function.

This webinar series is a composition of medical knowledge, research, case studies mixed with practical exercises and imaginations to revitalize your heart’s healing power.

This training course is combined with the daily HeartLight newsletter “30 Days of Heartfulness” to teach you how to self-heal your heart.

This course can also be booked as a live seminar.

Healing Every Day (coming in 2018)

This course is the companion to the book and CD “Healing Every Day.”

In this course you will learn how to easily integrate healing exercises into your daily routine – starting from when you wake up to when you go to sleep.

More details coming soon.

The Cosmic Power Plug (details coming soon)

Come back and check this page for more details soon.

Our Body – durable, curable miracle (details coming soon)

Come back and check this page for more details soon.

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