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Welcome the Wealth of Health in your Life, Today!

Here you can see Caramello, our Golden Doodle. Gorgeous, isn´t he? He is great in nature. He loves to walk with us, although he goes his own way sometimes, but remains within sight. When we call, he returns immediately.

Yesterday we took him to the city, so that he could learn to go there as well. He is not used to it. Previously we had left him in the car, when we were eating somewhere or shopping.

We went first to a delicious cafe for breakfast – Caramello lay under the table and did not steal anything from our plates. Exemplary!

Then we went to the shopping center. He sniffed everywhere and was not with us at all, but followed the many smells that attracted him so much.

Before the supermarket we tied him and bought bags full of food. He waited patiently for us.

On the way back we held him on the leash while carrying some thick bags. Then we met two small dogs, and their master.  Followed by a female master with two slightly larger dogs.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the hard pavement – right on my nose, with all the bags around me.

Caramello enjoyed his freedom only for a tiny moment. Dietrich grabbed his leash quickly and at the same time took care of me. And there I lay with my nose on the ground and only saw the gray concrete.

Everything hurt !!! I felt like crying!

Short check: physically everything seemed alright except for a few abrasions on the knees and hands.People stopped, asked sympathetically if they could help. I found that embarrassing. I am Prussian educated, after all! I stood up, and said everything is fine. Dietrich wanted to take me to a doctor. I replied almost annoyed that I did not need a doctor. My lip was bloody, but not much. I grabbed the bags and went on to the car park.My mind raced so as not to give room for fear. Injury is always a kind of trauma to the body – what can I do to show my body that everything is over now? Or what can I do to make sure my frightened mind does not go deeper into what could have happened or will happen: cervical spine injury, broken nose, other bone fractures, shifts to the body, loosened teeth, consequential damage with headaches, back problems etc.Dietrich took the car out of the car park while I waited at the exit.There I started my first exercise, which I always give as a basic program for almost everything:

1a) Exhale, exhale, exhale.

1b) Exhale, exhale, exhale.

1c) Exhale, exhale, exhale.

2a) Scream, cry, rage

2b) Scream, cry, rage

2c) Scream, cry, rage

3) Shake, shake, shake – move the body out of the fear state into liveliness.

Dietrich took a long time to pack the car with the bags, to take Caramello in and to return from the fourth floor of the car park to the exit. So I could shake for a long time.

4) When the first shock is gone, then smile, smile, smile when shaking – this suggests to the body that everything is fine. You can imagine, you just fell like a little child: first you scream and you cry. Then you are laughing at the stupid situation and hopping back into your life. Finally he came and I got into the car.

5.) Breathe in love, breathe in joy, breathe in gratitude. If you got grazes and bruises, then imagine you are breathing in a cold wind through these areas.  Or imagine you let them be cleaned by cold waters or even by ice. Stay with this imagination until the pain fades.

6.) Dietrich took my hand, stroked me. Yes, this is a very important exercise for the processing of shock. If possible, get in touch with a loving being. Find comfort, support and confidence. Feel human warmth. When no one is there, caress an animal, lean against a tree – or simply imagine something that makes you feel safe..

7.) We drove home. I went under the shower. I imagined the water cleaning all the shock away, the bruises, the fears. That was good.Perhaps you prefer a bath – that is also good.

8.) Then I rested. Time and again memories popped into my mind of the fall. I did not want that, because they reminded my body again of the injury. I really did not want to cement this picture. But the body sagged inward again and again. It is important to change the story to a happy end. So I imagined I was falling into a soft mattress. That was almost even fun. Then I let myself be caught by an angel. Something must have saved me, because except for a broken pantyhose nothing really bad happened. With this change of puffy cloud beds and angels’ arms the threatening pictures disappeared and the body relaxed.

9.) My need was for a foot massage. Patiently, Dietrich kneaded my feet. Why first the feet? Dietrich says they were the first part of the body, which left the ground.

10.) Yes and then came a lot of gratitude. Everything went really well. My body is absolutely awesome. My sympathetic system – and this time in the truest sense of the word, I could hug it smoothly – had reacted super. Caramello pulled – a juvenile dog has a lot of power.

P.S. Somehow, my sympathetic system managed to drop me fast on my hands and then used my tubercle nose also as a suspension. Perfect, right? So thank you, thank you, for the wisdom of my body.
So, the takeaway from my long and personal story is what you need for your First Aid Kit

  • Breathe out – let tension go
  • Cry, scream, rage – until the shock leaves your body
  • Shake – until the last panic fades
  • Smile – so the body knows, you are well
  • Breathe in healing pictures
  • Body Contact –  help your body to feel safe again
  • Shower, Bath – cleanse off the last fears
  • Rewrite the Trauma – bring that story to a happy ending
  • Gratitude – for the genius of your body

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