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Do you know there is a river of peace flowing right through you?

Medicine calls this the nervus vagus.

You may be asking what the nervus vagus is and why is it important?

Our autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Essentially its role of the sympathic system is to ensure our survival by giving us rapid reactions during danger times by:

The nervus vagus is the largest nerve of the parasympathetic system.

The function of the parasympathetic system is to nourish, preserve, regenerate and serve the inner balance of the body.

♥ lowering your blood pressure,

♥ reducing your heart rate,

♥ narrowing your pupil and airways,

♥ expanding the skin vessels,

♥ reducing your sweat secretion and

♥ saving your energy.

In this mode your body can take care of the important inner actions, such as

♥ digestion of nutrients and the production of digestive juices

♥ smoothing the muscles of the intestine

♥ producing insulin,

♥ intensifying the salivary flow

♥ relaxing the working muscles

In this relaxation mode you will experience:

♥ your brain going into resting mode,

♥ your pupils narrow,

♥ urine and bowel movement is favored,

♥ your sexual organs are activated and

♥ erotic energy may rise

The benefit of this parasympathetic condition is that your body can repair and heal.

The nervus vagus “flows” from above the cervical spine through the neck into the body and supplies your inner organs of the chest and abdomen.  You can stimulate the nervus vagus through many exercises as well as resting in peace at the same time. Here are 10 examples to sooth your nervous system:

♥ Roll your tongue.

♥ Tense your eye muscle.

♥ Laugh, smile.

♥ Touch somebody or get touched

♥ Breathe deep into your belly.

♥ Look at your eyelids from the inside.

♥ Draw a figure eight with your eyes.

♥ Do palming – rub the palm of your hands against each other until they warm and start to feel ticklish. Then place them on your heart.

♥ Hum, sing.

♥ Roll your neck.

Please touch your upper cervical spine tip and roll your neck right now. Stroke yourself extensively and lovingly until each cell starts to purr like a kitty. Enjoy the feeling as this area begins to pulsate and flow. Now lay your hands in your lap, and imagine you are being caressed by someone you like very much. Or by a feather, a sunray or a song. You decide. Keep doing this tender massage until you feel tingling and pulsating. Enjoy the relaxation. And then listen to the following imagination while you float into deep peace.


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