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Welcome to your healthy happy fulfilled life.

Many times tension in our bodies is the unacknowledged feelings we are too afraid to experience or admit to having. “Men don’t cry.” “I’m not good enough.” “I want to have sex but sex is bad.” “I can’t show my feelings to anyone.” “I hate my neighbor.” “I’m not thin enough.” All these unexpressed thoughts and emotions go somewhere when we decide to not allow them expression. they become tension in our bodies.

When these feelings go unexpressed they turn into tension. Our bodies send out reminders that they’re still there: headaches, stomach problems, chronic pain, etc. Subtle reminders turn into red flags and red flags eventually become blaring headlights and train whistles we can no longer ignore.

So how do we learn how to acknowledge and let go of the tension?

Put your attention on your tension.

Pay attention. When we put our attention on the unwanted and pushed aside emotions causing our tension something crazy happens. The tension often goes away. By simply acknowledging our feelings we are saying to ourselves and our bodies, “it’s ok to feel this way and I acknowledge you and these feelings.” Many times that’s all that’s needed to dissipate the tension, and as a side benefit heal the associated, uncomfortable physical sensations and issues that arise.

Talk with your tension

If this doesn`t help enough – talk with the tension. Ask what happened and which emotion got stuck there. Let out the emotion – move it out. Scram, roar, cry, shake. Let go. Let go. Let go.

Put your healing intention into your body

Then ask this part of your body what it needs and what the healing image is. Breathe in the healing image, breathe in light, love or laughter.

The next time you’re feeling tense or are experiencing some uncomfortable bodily symptoms try this exercise:

Imagination for Tension

Please close your dear eyes.

Breathe out. Breathe out. Breathe out.

Please direct your loving attention to your heart. This is the place of your truthfulness and all your love.

Breathe out the tensions there, breathe out the narrowness, the stress and pain.

Breathe out all the hurts, the sorrows, the traumas and humiliations.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Please go to your feet with a heartfelt look.

Breathe there too, relieve stress, breathe out rigidity.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Then, with your loving attention, walk up your calves, through your knees, your thighs.

Exhale the tensions in your legs, breathe out stress, breathe out rigidity.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Show your loving attention to your pelvis, your femininity, your masculinity.

Breathe out the tensions there, breathe out embarrassment, exhale all feelings of guilt.

Breathe out injuries and attacks.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Send your heart-love to your spine and breathe out stiffness, rigidity, and tension. Breathe out fear, breathe out humiliation, breathe out suppression.

Let your love flow into your shoulders, arms and hands. Breathe out stiffness, breathe out fear, breathe out pain. Breathe out stress, breathe out heaviness, breathe out helplessness.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Look at your internal organs. Breathe there too, breathe out toxins, breathe out stiffness. Breathe out fear, breathe out constraints, breathe out old trauma.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Now go with your loving attention to your sense organs in your head. Breathe out stiffness, breathe out all the words that have ever hurt you, breathe out all the terrible things you’ve ever seen. Breathe out all the toxins you have smelled and tasted.

Breathe out, breathe out. Breathe out.

Now look into your twinkling brain. Breathe out all self-defeating beliefs, all negative thoughts, all fears.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Breathe out tensions from the areas that are now cold and tight.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Free yourself with every breath, from tightness, severity, and fear. Liberate yourself with every breath from all that is alien to you, that is not the essence of your being.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out.

Look into your heart. There you can see and hear and feel the source of all love. Imagine, it swells over and into all your internal organs and floods your femininity and serves your manliness with warmth and tenderness. It flows into your spine, shoulders, arms and hands. As a source of golden light, it flows down to your legs and feet.

In another cascade of love, it bubbles up into your head and brain: your eyes see clearly, your ears are alert, your nose breathes freely, your lips open sensually. Imagine your brain sparkling with enthusiasm from all this attention.



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