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Welcome to your healthy happy fulfilled life.

Exercise for colds from one of my groups:

When I brush my nose, I imagine that I exhale everything negative, oppressive, fears and anger.

Above all, I look at my anger, its color, its smell, its very special sound.

 I snort them out of the body and shoot them with a rocket into the universe.

I feel free.

Of course you can also do this exercise while coughing.


And remember, your body is perfectly healthy if it produces colds or coughs from infections. After all, ithe wants to get rid of the many “enemies”. Any “liquid” reaction is healthy, as the body frees itself: runny nose, cough, diarrhea, sweating, vomiting, etc.


If you are in bed with any of these symptoms – thank your body for its health and the powers it develops for your life.


A so-called illness can be a wonderful break, to relax, to recover and of course to imagine – please write me your exercises to deal with the symptoms.

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